Countdown to Magic Soup (11/24!), Studio Gems and More...

The countdown is upon us! 4 days til we haul our gear into the Crazy Horse, fit some of the best musicians in town onto that cozy stage & dive into the magic gratitude soup with y'all.


We've been breathing, sleeping, eating & feeling the muse and music these days as we dial studio magic, and prep for our show this Friday at the @crazylikeahorse with @justinanchetaband @djfossil @garyregina9 @timbulkley @thosmos @marenmetke @justinancheta

Come move with us, be in the sonic field & embody the gratitude (and grief) these times really call for. 

Stay tuned for some upcoming peeks into what is moving into being…. freshy fresh from the studio!! 

Big thanks to @soulgraffiti for engineering dynamic genius at work.


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