1. Arriving

From the recording 2021-2022 Single Releases

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released September 29, 2020
Justin Ancheta - Guitar, Vocals, Bells, Electronic Production, Beats, Percussion, Arrangement, Lyrics, Engineering
Maren Metke - Vocals, Piano, Lyrics, Arrangement
Oz Fritz - Engineering, Mix & Master
Zoe Schlussel - Violin

This song traveled in many spaces before it was "finished", from the road to their studio in Oakland, before their daughter arrived, to the Yuba river & finally in their home in the Sierra Foothills, quarantined from COVID. This song tells a story about questioning one's current path, being present with the truth of what is, self-acceptance & acknowledgment & casting our gaze further into the future than we thought we could, in order to gather perspective and plant a meaningful life ahead of us.


From the ground up
We will build it
And let it bestow

You will hear me
Through the darkness
Where we’ve all gone before

In the blood moon
As it’s rising
A seed that we shall sow

From the ground up
We will build it
And let it bestow

And then you will see,
It in your children's eyes
Pure and new as the sunrise

From the ground up, (You wanna live your life)
We will build it (You wanna live it strong)
And let it bestow (No matter what comes)

You will hear me, (You wanna reach for it)
Through the darkness (A tear in your eye)
Where we’ve all gone before (Without an ounce of shame)

And then you will see it
In your children's eyes
Pure and new - as the sunrise

You can’t deny - what is true
A wound that is seen,
Heals deep through

It’s the dream where (You want to love fully)
You gaze to (With a birds-eye view)
Your future arriving (Know we’ve done all we can)

It’s a feeling (You want to be held tight)
That rises (Heart forward on)
Beyond all space & time (Breathe deeply now)

In a big way,
The little things
Matter most of all

How is it
That the world is
So vast & yet so - small