1. It's A River

From the recording 2021-2022 Single Releases

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It's A River

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This is a song about acceptance, inclusion, and care of our humanity, self-acceptance and perseverance. Written on the back porch of the Oakland house, dreaming of the Yuba river in Nisenan Land, our nervous systems craving more peace, as we listen to sirens and tense voices from the city, craving a balance of existences between the aliveness, resource, and honesty of the urban experience and the same of nature and fluid, relaxed expression. This song came out all in one afternoon, unlike some songs that take years to write, it flowed along, ready to go.

Written and performed by Justin Ancheta & Maren Metke

Mixed and Mastered by Justin Ancheta of Soul Graffiti and Oz Fritz for High Velocity


It's a river, It's a rhythm, It's a shadow, It's a sheen
It's a feeling, It is fleeting, It is freeing, It is being
Like the way you move, embodied truth
Source to soul, wild, and smooth

Hear what you're sayin’, And all your words
We form a pattern like river trails
In through the cracks of, the earth & sky
A painted picture of you & I

It's a mountain, It's a fountain, It's in your mind, It's a dream
It's never-ending, It is finite, nothing and everything
Make me glad to be alive, to arrive, thrive
Lift and dive, you own your life.

Walking with two feet on the ground
It's a river
Hearing soft sounds like the moon go round - It's a rhythm
Tread lightly with your fleeting beliefs - It's a shadow
The mystery will offer relief - it’s where we come from
Shine on, shine on, shine on, shine on

It is hunger, its inspiration, It's all - universal needs
it's desperation, it is life force, it will bring you to your knees

Hearing the leaves now are rustling
We let go a little every day
Our natural beings are planting the seed
And when we dream we live
Humus on the ground - As long as we play
It's form released - As long as we’re awake
We’re like those leaves all - As long as we’re awake

It's a river, a rhythm, a shadow, a sheen
It's a feeling, It’s fleeting, It’s freeing, It’s being
It's your temper, its kindness, it's where we come from
It's all magic, It's science, it’s beating of the drum

It's an opus, It's madness, It's hope lost and found
It is danger, It’s honest, sanity and ground

Hear what we’re saying, this life in bloom
It's a mountain, It's a fountain
We rise up after the dark of the moon
It's a masterpiece, it's a mess
You are the mountain that reaches over clouds
It's never-ending, It is finite
At the end, you can look out
It is certain, it is our best
Shine on

It’s in the way you move, embodied truth
Source to soul wild and smooth
Wild and smooth