Honey of the Heart & Justin Ancheta Band at the Crazy Horse

 — (PST, UTC-08) — (PST, UTC-08)

The Crazy Horse, 230 Commercial Street, Nevada City

Justin Ancheta and Maren Metke have musical nectar flowing through their veins. The dynamic Grass Valley duo is the driving force behind a project that is even sweeter than it sounds. Honey of the Heart is an ambrosial mix of musical interpretations influenced by folk, soul, jazz and world/flamenco styles. Built upon a repertoire of uplifting original material, they join together with other phenomenal musicians to create in an organic state of symbiosis. Many of their songs come forth like ancient incantations, casting angelic spells on all in their path. Honey of the Heart weaves soaring harmonies and hypnotic polyrhythms into an alchemical semblance of groove intended for dancing, rejoicing and blissful recalibration.

Honey of the Heart is thrilled to welcome one of the region’s most brilliant drummers – Tim Bulkley (Vibeyard Trio, Elena Rayo). His jazzy touch and deceptive complexity will amplify all these songs like never before. The band also features saxophone wizard Gary Regina and bass ninja, Thomas Spellman.

After one set immersing in the sweet Honey of the Heart vibes, the sonic aesthetic evolves into the similar yet notably different sound of the Justin Ancheta Band. This entails more wide open, exploratory spaces. Ancheta and the band find their edge, tapping into the reggae-rock, Latin and hip-hop grooves that are an integral part of his musical foundation. A wildcard factor throughout both sets will be the addition of DJ Fossil who integrates his vinyl scratching in super cool ways. He will also be spinning before, in between and after the sets to ensure that the dance party never stops!