Honey of the Heart performs between 6-8 pm for this benefit show for supporting bith and wellness both locally and internationally. More details here:

UMA SHUNGO: Mind &Heart Midwifery Center

UMA SHUNGO : An Ecuadorian non -profit foundation that is dedicated to serve families and make quality healthcare more accessible to all people. Uma Shungo is a midwifery run family resource center located outside of Quito Ecuador. The center weaves together modern medicine and ancient midwifery traditions. “Uma Shungo” is a common kichwa phrase that means- Mind & Heart Connection. The goal of this center is to create community, improve the maternal and infant health outcomes, and celebrate the unique cultures and birth traditions of Ecuador. All midwifery services are donation based so all women and their families regardless of socioeconomic status are supported throughout their fertile years, pregnancy, post partum, and menopausal wise woman years. This center offers Ecuadorian families childbirth education classes, sex education, yoga and wellness, prenatal care and nutrition guidance, post partum/lactation support groups, mental health services, baby check up visits. Uma Shungo is a place that honors the unique indigenous midwifery customs and integrates medical trainings and tools to keep midwifery alive.