1. I'm A Seed

From the recording 2021-2022 Single Releases


I’m a Seed
I’m a seed, I’m a seed-waiting to be
Darkness surrounding
I’m a seed, I’m a seed, Couldn’t see,
Caught between Awake and sleeping

You’re a seed you’re a seed - Wild and free
Even if you’ve lost your belie-ving
Were all seeds, all seeds - worth the waiting
like the river meets the sea

Crack the sidewalk - Bust on through
(as) Nature intended - like We were meant to
Cracks in the sidewalk - roots Reaching on down

A song waiting in us all, making a sweet -- deep -- sound

I’m a seed, I'm a seed - Get ready for me
make Me a home where i can - dream
I am a seed, I’m a seed, stretching
Way beyond you and me--- - darlin

Crack in-the-heart of-it-all - Breaking straight through
Slow and steady - Opening you
Cracks in my heart- making more room
For what is already on its - way,- so - soon

Cracks-in-the-heart like it was Meant to be
Deep and determined - oh Opening me
Cracks in the stories - Ready to go
Make-way for more love to flow

I’m a seed, I’m a seed Waiting to be
Make me a home where I can dream