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This pandemic-inspired collaboration of Honey of the Heart and BrightSide Blue continues going strong. This first official collaboration is a peek into what is coming from these musical humans. Full band sound three-part harmonies and full top-notch recording and mixing of sound by the award-winning Oz Fritz, and video by the CFTA, provides a visual audio feast for the senses. Live from the Center was a series designed to make use of the state-of-the-art, newly renovated Center of the Arts in Grass Valley, and also keep our community fed and nourished with music during these isolating times.
releases October 28, 2022

All songs were written, and arranged by: Honey of the Heart,
M. Metke, J. Ancheta, Brightside blue, L. Bellows, and A. Vaughan
Except for "Anthem" by Leonard Cohen and "What You Don't Do" by Leanne La Havas

All songs were arranged and performed by Honey of the Heart and BrightSide Blue at the Grass Valley Center for the Arts, except for Canto Al Mar which was performed at the Nesting House Concert in February 2021.

Guitar, Tres & Vocals: Justin Ancheta (Honey of the Heart)
Vocals: Maren Metke (Honey of the Heart)
Vocals: Lindsay Bellows (BrightSide Blue)
Guitar & Mandolin: Ananda (BrightSide Blue)
Percussion: Richard Jones & Jesse Weber
Bass: Thomas Spellman
Violin Track: Zoe Schlussel (5000 Souls)
Bass: Paul Martin Sounder (Canto Al Mar)
all rights reserved


Common Ground 100 BPM Key: G-

Sun in the east sky, Have me fly high
Feel the strength of the, Rays through your eyes

Warm my right side, Help me to have sight
Open wide to the water beyond wrong and right

Help me feel We, Love is a mystery
of water and a star, Coming right through me

Celebrate our differences find our common ground (x4)

fossils form and wind, about my mind
An echo-in-time, a print left behind

ink lines formed to rhyme, To read (in) another-time
Let us please be kind, As history, re-writes

Celebrate our differences find our common ground

Eyes and teeth like gems in stone
We are precious timeless bones
a flame to breathe
for carbon release
& ashes fly east - oh

voices of the past, in these dark lines last (JA LB double time)
lest a flood should pass, makes the lines bleed fast
Healing to darkness, darkness and light (together)
From now to the past, from now to the past, from now to the past...

Moon in the west sky, -let me deep-dive
Feel the strength & the power, Of the left side.

Ven nosotras, Love’s mysterious
Of water and a star, (cut) Coming right through us