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5000 Souls – 11/3/2020, 11:11 AM

2nd of many to come

“A gift of hope to heal these ties…”
Please join us as we celebrate the release of this, second of many singles to come!

We have embraced our time quarantined at home to breathe life into, expand, embody, and complete these pieces.



This song was sparked by an over 5000 person Climate rally which took place in the pouring rain in Oakland, CA back in 2015. This event, crossed with Maren’s experience and work with Family Constellations joined together to create this prayer for the earth, for our families, and for our intimate relationships in life… With the question around where do we find and place our power? How do we both individuate and honor the depth of where we have come from. There are so many worthy places of healing, from the planet to our past to the present. Rootsy basic beat marries a droning banjo, layering out into an almost Celtic rock feel as the emotion swells. Gaelic cries for patience and amends lend an emotive hypnotic cry for healing and hope.


Flawed and fine and mortal and strong
Doing our best with this fire to get along
When we can say what we mean and know how we feel
We’ll feed each other with the goodness of our will, oh, feed each other with the goodness of our will

Shine I see in your eyes, as we sing this song
We wade through these constellations we are from
Oh it’s true you forget that I am your ally
And it’s true I run away and fly, oh, it is true I run away and fly

We’ve got miles to go before we sleep
As we stumble and dance to find some peace
Prayers to the wind and rain, we may see
Our way through uncertainty, oh, our way through uncertainty

When 5000 souls gather in the rain
Who’s to tell of the loss or the gain
In their words, heart and time they sustain to seek
to make a difference, sound and sweet, oh, make a difference sound and sweet

Each generation ahead hopes to strive
Just as shooting stars know when to fly
As we seek comfort and sanity
Belonging to this family of humanity, oh, belonging to this family of humanity

Beir leat
Beir leat
Foighne, oh

We’ve got miles to go before we sleep
As we stumble and dance to find some peace
A gift of hope to heal these ties
I will return again to you, oh, I will return again to you

These 5000 souls before we came
Bear a weight within a family name
Oh to heal and honor-these 300 years
For the future, freedom and cleansing tears, oh the future freedom and cleansing tears.

Beir leat
Beir leat
Foighne, oh
I will return again to you, oh, I will return again to you


Released November 3, 2020
Released November 3, 2020
Justin Ancheta – Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Bells, Electronic Production, Beats, Percussion, Arrangement, Engineering
Maren Metke – Vocals, Piano, Lyrics, Arrangement
Oz Fritz – Engineering, Mix & Master
Zoe Schlussel – Violin
all rights reserved


Your life depends on it

Someone you love does not have white skin

Your loved ones need medical care

Your land is on fire

Your family member/friend is gay…


Thank You

Huge gratitude to Jes Tabor, Coalition for Racial Justice, Miners Foundry, Mairee Sioux, Aaron Ross, Lindsay Bellows, and more for helping put on & investing in such a special event this last Sunday. We were touched and inspired to tears and also had such a deeply soulful, enjoyable time there wrapped in that much hope, vulnerability, and care. Links to donate and watch the live stream below:
If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can do so by following the link:
May your day be wrapped with kindness, empowerment, and safety today and every day. 🙌🏼❤️🕊🌖🔥🌾💦🍯
Also big love & props to @liveshots12 for these photos.

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