Joon is here.

Hello Friends and Family,

Thanks for being patient with our musical productions and events. We have been busy with a different kind of creation, one of the most meaningful we have ever been a part of. Please welcome our newest member to the family: Juniper Miel Metke Ancheta. Born on 6/12/18 weighing 7 lbs 2 ounces.

We’ll have more news soon, but for now, here is a video and a new song we are sharing with you. Thank you for being a part of our lives. We look forward to seeing you at a Honey of the Heart show soon.

Thank you Savvy Rent for the sponsorship opportunity. If you’d like to book, sponsor, or support Honey of the Heart in any way, please contact

JoonMiel (nickname) is an inspirational force that has led us to move out from the big city Bay-Area vibe and into the countryside where the trees outnumber the humans. So far, we have been sleep-deprived and thankful for all the friends and family support to keep us going strong. We wouldn’t have moved from the Bay Area so fast without this little gift coming into our lives. So far, the move has planted a new hope that we can enjoy each day to its fullest, be in nature, and continue our musical creations with a more direct connection to the source!

If you’d like to participate in helping make this happen, please support our mother company Soul Graffiti Productions in offering audio & video support to create more inspirational material. We hope to participate with you regularly on this platform and will continue to connect with other inspiring artists we collaborate with along the way. Here is the link to the Patreon page to support. Please share far and wide:

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